If implemented appropriately it is widely acknowledged that the use of CCTV filming is the best method to protect people. Aware that public trust in adult and child health & social care is being undermined by incidents of poor care or malpractice, including those regularly reported in the media, Care Protect has been set up to help address this issue.

Care Protect offers a system that combines the use of filming of images and audio activity and the latest secure cloud technology, with monitoring undertaken by our team of highly experienced independent experts, to safeguard and protect adults and children in health & social care settings and, by this greater transparency, improve standards of care quality and safety.

Simple, secure, encrypted filming

The cameras and filming adopted by Care Protect uses the most advanced and affordable, secure and private cameras which are visually unobtrusive. The installation and ongoing maintenance of this equipment is straightforward and the necessary technical expertise, support and training is managed by the Care Protect specialist team.

The cameras include sound and motion detection and infrared facilities so immediate alerts can be raised if an incident is seen or heard or there is a connectivity or maintenance issue. They also include privacy settings to block any agreed zones or areas of view the cameras would normally show.

Compatible cameras running our app or a network adapter for legacy devices requiring just straightforward internet access, a unique connection is made from the cameras to your secure and protected cloud based account. Therefore this enables all the film and audio footage to be pushed to an online encrypted storage portal, customised to support your requirements (a process having gained the highly acclaimed Secure by Design status). An additional benefit this creates is that no local recording or local storage of footage takes place and instead all film images and audio activity is stored off site in the secure and protected web based setting.

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Easy access and control

A dashboard, viewable to those given relevant access, allows a menu of options to be used to view, listen to and manage a few or many cameras across one room, an entire unit, or a group of establishments. Different access rights to view different cameras can be created.  This means that the likes of relatives of residents, a unit manager, through to senior staff responsible for a group of units, can be allowed to view and hear appropriate footage. The viewing of this footage for those approved and authorised, is straightforward and available from almost anywhere via the internet.

This is the same images and audio footage that Care Protects trained and highly experienced independent monitors are also viewing. They will urgently alert those relevant if and when they see or hear anything which creates a concern – ranging from poor practice and behaviour through to a serious criminal matter. Care Protect will use the latest technology to issue immediate alerts if such footage is identified, but other practical one to one communication will also always take place should an urgent concern materialise, to safeguard individuals.

Crucially, if the concern or issues raised by the Care Protect monitoring staff is not appropriately addressed, the matter will be escalated to the relevant national and local governing bodies, hence ensuring a true independent safeguarding system exists and incidents cannot be hidden nor ignored.

The film and sound footage from the Care Protect cameras is stored, with appropriate encrypted security, for a set period of time, so allowing it to be retrieved and further reviewed should an issue or concern only emerge at a later date.

There is also a benefit to the many hardworking and dedicated staff in these locations as, if falsely accused of any misdemeanour, the footage and monitoring can show if an accusation is false and so,in turn, it helps to protect the staff from any such negative implications.

Obviously one concern which can be created when cameras or CCTV is mentioned is that of privacy. The organisation and its advisers in developing this concept have taken account of the various legislation surrounding data protection and filming. This includes the Data Protection Act 1998, the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice pursuant to the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, issued by the Home Office, and CQC’s February 2015 guidelines.

Care Protect understands that, despite the above points and the security of access and storage of footage and despite there being privacy zones available on the cameras, some people and/or their relatives may not want filming of them to take place. Hence, even if Care Protect equipment and monitoring had been set up with the agreement of a provider organisation, should a resident not want their room to be filmed, the technology exists so that their room would not be filmed and the cameras disabled. Therefore, there is the reassurance that, where a location has cameras in place, the residents/relative will always be aware of and have to confirm their agreement to filming taking place of their room, in accordance with legislative best practice.

Packages to suit varied needs

Whilst the installation and ongoing maintenance of camera equipment with the secure cloud based links, plus ongoing independent expert monitoring, is the core service Care Protect offer, clearly different levels of support and involvement may be required. Therefore Care Protect offer varied levels of support packages to suit varied needs. These range from the core monitoring and reporting process through to proactive advice, recommendations and training around quality care matters. To discuss your requirements and find out more, please contact us.