Technical Specification

The Care Protect system integrates analogue and IP CCTV cameras into a secure cloud based IP surveillance system. No additional infrastructure is required from the customer and all install work is undertaken by Care Protects' team of engineers or approved sub contractors.

Our new system infrastructure will be served by CAT 6 cabling and network switches delivering POE (Power Over Ethernet) to our installed camera network. Care Protect’s system is completely independent and segregated from a clients internal network. It is served by a dedicated internet connection which ensures we provide uninterrupted continuous bandwidth to access our cloud at all times.

Many camera models now support our app as it has been developed in tandem with leading camera manufacturers. It installs directly onto the camera and provides secure access to our cloud via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security). All cameras are protected with a strong password and the Care Protect app runs in sandbox mode outside of the cameras operating system.

Legacy camera models are served by Network Adapters. These cameras are joined to the Care Protect cloud via a TLS protected connection, which establishes a secure tunnel protected by AES 256- bit encryption.

Cameras running the Care Protect app or connected to a network adapter require internet access. If this is interrupted due to internet downtime, recording continues either to the cameras memory or to an SD card installed into the VNA. That card can store many hours of recorded data until internet connectivity is restored.

Once data has reached the servers, it is stored using the AES-256 standard which is the same standard used by International Banks to secure customer data. Our data is hosted within the EU by AWS (Amazon Web Services) who are fully GDPR compliant and the worlds leading cloud hosting provider. AWS offers a robust and redundant solution with almost 100% uptime. We also fully comply with NHS England’s Digital guidelines for storing personal data.

Data can be retained for up to 90 days (or an unlimited duration at special request) depending on the customers preferences, although the average is generally 30 days. If a Care Protect monitor witnesses an incident, we extract the relevant data from our cloud monitoring system and store it securely on our Microsoft Office 365 platform until such times as the incident has been fully resolved. That data is also hosted within the EU and Microsoft are fully GDPR and NHSE compliant.

On occasions the system is set to only record when motion is detected, thus minimising bandwidth whilst not compromising quality. By default we record at 720p which provides excellent image quality and with fast cloud upload ensures footage is available for monitor assessment within seconds of a triggered incident occurring. Sites with higher bandwidth can record at 1080p, as current app development enables us to offer this option due to enhancement in compression protocols within the h265 standard.

For high risk cameras, we will stream them via a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN), Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) or Software Defined WAN (SDWAN) to our surveillance hub in Belfast. This ensures our monitors react immediately to an incident by alerting the care facility to perhaps prevent anticipated patient harm.