Care Protect systems promote and provide high levels of patient safety in health and social care settings. By using camera and audio technology and a 24 hour monitoring team of health and social care professionals, higher levels of patient personal safety can be delivered.

As a result, patients and their families are reassured, knowing that hospitals are openly promoting higher levels of independent continuous scrutiny than ever before, in an effort to reduce harm to patients.  The desired outcome is that adults and children will be better safeguarded and protected during periods of acute unwellness, when they are often at their most vulnerable.

In all cases, system use in bedroom areas for patients/residents who lack capacity are subject in England to Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DOLs) and assessed on individual need in conjunction with social workers and relative involvement. In Northern Ireland the use of camera monitoring in bedrooms is assessed under best interest decision. Hence the use of camera monitoring in bedrooms varies based on local authority and application of the Human Rights Act (1998).




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The system operation reflects the need for privacy and dignity, ensuring that it is only ‘untoward events’ that are recorded and alerted.

Risk mitigation and management of risk is enhanced by the presence of the Care Protect system. It will supplement existing safety systems already adopted by most hospital providers managing vulnerable patients.

The combination of smart alert technology, coupled with visual and audio data means that staff can be made aware of a patient safety issue in a matter of seconds.  The reviewing of event only bedroom footage by experienced healthcare professionals provides an additional layer of safety for patients and providers alike, as a result of higher levels of vigilance and event monitoring.

The use  of such technologies combined within onsite responders and third party independent expert reviewing and  auditing, ensures patient safety remains paramount at all times.