Service Users and Advocates

If you are a resident concerned about your wellbeing, or a relative of a loved one being looked after in a health or social care setting, the Care Protect system can give you reassurance that standards of care quality and safety will be monitored by an independent team of care experts.

Care Protect has been created to promote excellent, sustainable and consistent care delivery in health & social care settings. By using camera and audio technology, the latest secure cloud based data storage services and a 24 hour monitoring team of health and social care professionals, high levels of independent scrutiny can be guaranteed. As a result, much greater reassurance is available for residents, patients and their families in the knowledge that care organisations are willingly promoting a higher degree of transparency than ever before. The outcome of such is that vulnerable people are better safeguarded and protected.

System use in private rooms is only with the prior written consent of residents or those relatives/advocates who have the appropriate power of attorney. In special circumstances such as serious risk of harm, a clinician can request short term use of our observation service.    



Years of relevant health & social care experience together with all necessary DBS checks and Security Industry Authority (SIA) licencing, means that the Care Protect independent monitors are well placed to provide remote monitoring. Collectively they offer a high level of sector knowledge and expertise which is essential to assist and advise those with responsibility for safeguarding and quality and clinical governance. Their daily review and ongoing monitoring of recorded footage ensures care practices are consistently maintained at a high level. The monitors expertise is applicable for residential care homes, public and private hospitals , children’s nurseries, special schools, learning disability services and numerous other care settings where vulnerable people reside.

The independence of the Care Protect monitors is crucial as if they don’t have confirmation that an issue or concern they have identified is being addressed, they can escalate their concerns to appropriate national and local governing bodies ensuring that any serious concern is not suppressed or hidden. This independent policing system helps to give reassurance to loved ones and raise standards of care quality and safety by improving transparency.

Obviously one concern which can be created when cameras or CCTV is mentioned is that of privacy. The company and its advisers in developing this system have taken account of various legislation requirements surrounding data protection and monitoring. We are satisfied that our consent based overt system complies with all legal requirements and during an initial consultation, we will provide legal opinions supporting system use.

You may initially want to speak to your health or social care provider organisation or to any independent regulatory bodies to ascertain whether they already have or will introduce the Care Protect system. If they don’t have independent monitoring and safeguarding via a system akin to the Care Protect model, you can always contact us directly to see how we can help you to privately introduce this service for yourself or a loved one.

Whichever avenue is taken, and subject to appropriate legal consent, you along with our expert independent monitors will be able to view video and hear audio relating to the care being offered to a loved one and so have reassurance and peace of mind that care is of an acceptable standard.