Health & Social Care Professionals

The Care Protect system promotes high quality care delivery and excellent safety standards. Over a number of years we have collated data confirming that safeguarding improvements are significant as untoward events have dramatically reduced. For incidents that were recorded, most safeguarding investigations can be resolved within a few days, given the presence of irrefutable visual evidence that permits objective assessment and determines an outcome swiftly.

If a sector regulator so requested, Care Protect could monitor a troubled service every single day, assisting with compliance and promoting good practice in a much shorter timeframe.

Care Protect systems can also act as a deterrent. Historically, abuse in the care home sector has resulted in many vulnerable people suffering, often in silence for far too long. The Care Protect system allows monitors to conduct randomised live audits to ensure caregivers are respectful and dignified when assisting vulnerable people.

As part of a quality standards agenda and auditing and safeguarding protocols, adopting the Care Protect system ensures a care service has a high degree of transparency. Our third party professional independent review not only provides greater levels of reassurance for all stakeholders, but also promotes high quality care delivery and excellent safety standards.

By recording actual events that are retained in secure cloud data storage files, our expert monitors  can download footage upon request  and provide an independent incident report.  That detail can support an investigation, can quickly lead to resolution and allow the provider to action staff retraining, or a series of preventative interventions to mitigate the risk of any negative event ever re-occurring.

Care Home and Hospital staff teams have over time come to rely on the support of their Care Protect colleagues. They also know the system can protect them when a false allegation has been made about their practice. On those few occasions and recorded footage has completely exonerated them and enable the concern to be addressed objectively.

Years of relevant health & social care experience, together with all necessary DBS checks and Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensing, means that the Care Protect independent monitors are very well qualified. Collectively, they offer a high level of sector knowledge and expertise essential to assist and advise those with responsibility for safeguarding, delivering quality care and maintaining clinical governance. Their daily review and ongoing monitoring of footage ensures care practices are consistently maintained at a high level. The monitors expertise is applicable for residential care homes, public and private mental health hospitals, children’s nurseries, special schools, learning disability services and domiciliary care environments.

The independence of the Care Protect monitors is crucial. If they don’t have confirmation that an issue or concern they have identified is being addressed, they can escalate their concerns to the appropriate national and local governing bodies – so ensuring any serious incident is not suppressed nor hidden. This independent policing system provides reassurance and raises standards of care quality and safety by promoting greater transparency.

One concern often raised when cameras or CCTV is mentioned is that of privacy. The company and its advisers in developing this system have taken account of the various legislation surrounding data protection and filming. System functionality respects both the principles of privacy and consent and recognises operationalising cameras must be both proportionate and appropriate.

The cameras used and smart software imbedded by Care Protect uses the most technically advanced secure analytic services available.  Cameras are deliberately visually unobtrusive. The installation and ongoing maintenance of all equipment is straightforward and the necessary technical expertise, support and training is managed by the Care Protect team.

The cameras analytics provide for sound and motion detection, infrared capability and reviewer live login. Once commissioned, immediate alerts can be raised if an incident emerges or if there is a connectivity or maintenance issue. They also include privacy settings, to block any requested viewing zones that cameras would normally show.

Care Protect offers three levels of support package – GoldSilver and Bronze – providing a range of various services should care providers wish to increase levels of scrutiny. Each has core monitoring and reporting processes, including proactive advice, practice recommendations and training around quality care delivery, whilst the Gold Package has additional technical and professional features designed to include ‘live’ and ‘alert’ functionality.