If you are building and developing care facilities for public or private sector organisations, then ensuring Care Protect technology is already integrated as part of the build process, will offer clear added value to the ultimate owner/operator.  The system then can be utilised from initial registration, to not only mitigate many of the home start up difficulties but also to immediately ensure the safety and protection of all residents from admission.

Care Protect has been created to promote excellent, sustainable and consistent care delivery in health & social care settings. By using camera and audio technology, the latest secure cloud based data storage services and a 24 hour monitoring team of health and social care professionals, high levels of independent scrutiny can be guaranteed. As a result, much greater reassurance is available for residents and their families knowing that care organisations are willingly promoting a higher degree of transparency than ever before.  The outcome of such is that adults and children are better safeguarded and protected. In all cases, system use is with the prior consent of residents and relatives/next of kin only.



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Years of relevant health & social care experience  together with all necessary DBS checks and Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensing, means that the Care Protect independent monitors are very well qualified. Together they offer a high level of sector knowledge and expertise essential to assist and advise those with responsibility for safeguarding and quality and clinical governance.  The daily review and ongoing monitoring of film images and audio footage ensures care practices are consistently maintained at a high level. The monitors expertise is applicable for residential care homes, public and private mental health hospitals and clinics, children’s nurseries and numerous other care settings where vulnerable people reside.

The technology adopted by Care Protect uses the most advanced, secure and multifunctional cameras available, which are visually unobtrusive when in situ. The installation and ongoing maintenance of this equipment is straightforward and the necessary technical expertise, support and training is managed by the Care Protect team.

The infrared camera’s also have inbuilt sound and motion detection sensors so immediate alerts can be raised if an event occurs or a connectivity or maintenance failure exists. Cameras also include privacy settings and redaction capability, to allow for the obscuring of any part of an image not required to be seen if footage was necessary to support an investigation.

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