About Us

Care Protect has been created to promote excellent, sustainable and consistent care delivery in health & social care settings. By using camera and audio technology, the latest secure cloud-based data storage service and a 24 hour monitoring team of health and social care professionals, high levels of independent scrutiny can be guaranteed. As a result, much greater reassurance is available for residents, patients and their families, in the knowledge that care organisations using such systems are willingly promoting a higher degree of transparency than ever before.  Those companies are to be applauded, as data confirms the outcome of system use is that vulnerable people are far less likely to experience an ‘untoward event’ that negatively impacts their care experience.

System use in private rooms is only with the prior written consent of residents or those relatives/advocates who have the appropriate power of attorney. In special circumstances such as serious risk of harm, a clinician can request short term use of our observation service.    

In addition to professional qualifications and experience, Care Protect independent monitors are licenced by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and subjected to a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. They then have to undertake and pass a number of training modules to ensure their practice and ability to work for Care Protect is beyond doubt. Once approved, monitors support hospital and care home teams with safety management, clinical governance and incident review.

Harvested Data is encrypted and stored using military grade cloud services. That data is only ever reviewed by said monitors, staff teams at the care facility and an approved advocate.

The independence of the Care Protect monitors is crucial. If they don’t have confirmation that a serious issue they have identified is being addressed, they can escalate those concerns to the appropriate local or national regulatory body. This process will ensure that any material issue is not suppressed, but disclosed to the appropriate authority. This independent policing system ensures all reportable events are resolved as per regulator and commissioner requirements. Care providers who adopt this system are committed to the Care Protect principles of transparency and reassurance for all residents and care partners.

Other members of the Care Protect team provide system integrity. They possess the necessary IT and technical skills and experience to select and work with proven partners who are long standing specialists in internet security. As a result camera/audio and cloud encrypted equipment and its installation, maintenance and ongoing back up, is the most advanced available for the purpose intended.


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