The Care Protect team are experienced patient safety experts. We generally provide consented support for health and social care facilities, including care homes and mental health hospitals. Our reviewing team of experienced health and social care professionals, fully understand the regulatory and compliance issues associated with both sectors.

In a number of hospitals, we are for example, the only UK company ‘live’ monitoring acutely ill and distressed patients during the early days of a mental health crisis. It’s at that point in time, unwell patients often need our service to reduce the risk of harm and fatality.

 Originally specialising in patient safety, our proposition now includes access control, nurse call and intelligent monitoring systems.

As a result of implementing Care Protect services, care providers can expect higher standards of quality and safety whilst ensuring greater transparency exists for all other stakeholders.


Reduction in serious incidents

High Risk Individual Monitoring

 Our Operations Centre is manned 24/7 to facilitate around the clock viewing of high risk areas to ensure the safety of high risk adults and children at clients hospitals and care homes.